Borderline sociopath, writer from Tempe, Arizona.
I've built a fair sized life for myself online, and slightly smaller one in the real world. What little time I have to myself is spent writing, reading, not sleeping, making friends (out of paper mache) making enemies, and making a complete idiot of myself. A dumb jock once yelled at me "DO NOT STOP DOING YOU" and I've spent every day since then trying to live that out.

This blog jumps all over the radar from a social commentary, to a series of satirical essays on dying alone, but ultimately is just one big ploy to trick people into commissioning me to write for them.

I've never claimed to be anything more than I am - the literal best thing that has ever happened to you. I don't want to make any leaps in my logic, but I'm pretty sure Gandhi would have loved me.

You can email me with further inquiries at paigevbaker [at] gmail [dot] com
Or you can email me to ask about a date and/or purchasing human organs off of the Black Market. Your call.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paige!
Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've juste been browsing through your blog, your formspring and your twitter for half an hour and I loved everything I read! I also feel like a stalker... Oops.
Be sure I'll be back for more!

Aayushi Mehta said...

I loved reading your blog!
Plus, I am totally in love with the title you have:
"Prone to wander"!! That in itself brings a wide smile on my face.

Keep up the good work Paige, lots of people waiting for your posts (such as me).

morgan said...

So nice to meet you :)

Kim said...

Paigey you are GORGEOUS!
you pretty thing you.
I adore your hair even more!! .x.x.

Yazzie~ said...

You're Lovely♥

Lauren said...

You look like such a teenager in this photo. "Like wine turned to water, turned back to wine." Love. Love. Love.

Elisa Farrow said...

You are adorable, and I love this blog!
Im def taking your button... please feel free to grab mine. oh, & I love the blog name!

<3 Elisa Marie

The Not So Pharaoh Farrows

*Pink Spaces* said...

hello paige!

i love your blog. it's so nice!
by the way, how old are you?

i also have a blog:

keep the blogging flame burning! ;)

Crystal L said...

As I read this, my own self jumped out of your words. You are a beautiful person, and I appreciate another soul generating love into our world.

<3 C