Since I started my pen pal project in 2010, I have received some of the best mail, and met some of the greatest international friends. At this point, I don't find myself with nearly the time that is required to stay current on all these letters, but I appreciate them no less. I'm still unclear on whether or not I plan to start the project up ever again, but for the time being I feel it's most important to spend my time focusing on the people I have around me. Thanks to everyone who made the idea possible.


Jeska said...


Kim said...

hehehe, how funny to see my silly things on the internet haha. x

Kim said...

You have some really nice stuff sent to you. I need to up my game ha.x

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be penpals,

Patty Davidson said...

Hi Paige,

I noticed you joined to follow my blog, Just Letter Rip. Thanks! Of course, I want to be pen pals. My email is stardust4821@yahoo.com and my mailing address is on my blog.

Send me yours while I get busy on my introductory letter. :-)

Yazzie~ said...

I don't have great penmanship, I cannot draw to save my Life, and I've never had the pleasure of having a pin pal. I've always wanted one however! (I've considered doing this on my Blog. I still might) I'm in love with letters! They're amazing works of Art! Count me in paige & thank you! p.s. I might need a day or two until I can get the money for a stamp. How embarrassing is that? iamlovedbymany@gmail.com

Passion said...

I would love to correspond with you so long as you're ok with my address changing in the near future :)
here is my email address: pensandpassion@gmail.com

Keep Close, Sweet said...

Pen pals, please! h_a_crosby@hotmail.com

Jamie said...

You are too much fun! I'm loving reading your blog! (found you via a tweet of a friend, I think)
I'd love more pen pals:

You can check out my blog here:

I also run Happy Mail!

You're just a delight!

Jamie said...

P.S. Oh! I'm also doing a stationery swap if you'd like to join in!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea...Fun! You can contact me at AmelieAnnsley@gmail.com ~Kim

Jessica Lynn said...

Hi Paige! My name is Jess :)

I had a blog before and I was a huge fan of Suzy's (itwalkedonmypillow) blog...so I decided to start over and be a little more into it.

Just wanted to say I LOVE your stuff! Hopefully mine can turnout, in my own way, like this! And I already think you're super cool because you said "snuggle you" in a formspring post and I say it all the time :D


Katie said...

lets be pen pals :)


sarah striker said...

hi! if you're still looking for pen pals, well i love writing and letters and you seem super interesting!


Clara said...

I love your blog, it's so interesting!
I'd also love to be penpals. Last year I was living in London and sent tons of letters (and received very few). It's so sad the people are too lazy to write a few words on a piece of paper.
So I'd love for us to be penpals, that is, if you're not too overwhelmed already as I've heard you already have quite a few!

my e-mail address is: hellolights@gmail.com

Michele said...

I'm sad that we have not become pen pals earlier! My email is michelelee26@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

gracey said...

pepperminthead@gmail.com here :)

Anonymous said...

I was blog hunting and I came across yours. I have to say, I quite like it!

anyhow...being pen pals sounds like a fun idea. email me here masctasha@live.ca