Looking to add a little crazy to your blog or website?
When I'm not busy Photoshopping myself into photos of Beyoncé, I am a freelance writer and editor. I've written for numerous blogs and websites, and have even received local recognition and press for my work. Whether you're looking for an essay, article, bio, long-term writer, date, or to add the finishing touches on your own work, I am just a stone's throw away (but let's keep this civil)

Looking for some free work?
While I do generally charge for my services, don't count me out just yet. Think you have an idea or project I might be interested in? Email me. I don't turn tricks, but I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and get involved in great ideas. It's like Drake always says - YOLO.

You can email me at paigevbaker [at] gmail [dot] com with questions, propositions, or insults.