Romantic, Etc.

I hope you all know that a saint was killed today. And you're eating chocolates. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
{rest less}
I don't think I'm really cool enough to enthusiastically love or hate Valentine's Day. It's fun to celebrate, the way anything is fun to celebrate. It was always fun in school to pass out valentines (mostly because of the candy) But honestly? I am pretty mutual. I probably wouldn't even remember what day it was, if there weren't reminders everywhere.
I'll be spending the day babysitting for a funeral, (am I the only one who thinks it's a weird day for a funeral?) writing papers, painting, going to dinner with a friend because we're both heartbroken that we can't afford the Ben Kweller/Pete Yorn show, and a long distance call that will most likely end in accidental sleeping, and the words "I wasn't asleep" being repeated a few times before we eventually face facts, and hang up.
What can I say? I'm really going all out this year.
Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you get a teddy bear as big as your car.


Jessica said...

Its Valentines Day?! Why didnt I know this??? And Im married! Maybe thats why...hmmm...

Paige Baker said...

HAHAH. Well, it has been since midnight. I hope Iaaac got you a teddy bear the size of your car. You can get him a baby.

Jessica said...

I don't have a car, we sold it member... does that mean I won't get a teddy bear? Darn! Yes, lets have a Valentines Baby. Do you sleep?

Patrick said...

Awesome post Paige: it has fangs and claws!

suzy said...

happy belentine's day!!!!!
oh. that was a typo, but i'm leaving it.

suzy said...

and yes: weird day for a funeral.

Delirium said...

Hahahah. YES. I agree with this entire post. Valentines Day would actually ONLY be worth celebrating if I happened to receive a teddy bear as big as my car. Maybe someday.

Happy Valentines Day, Paige. <3

Paige Baker said...

Jessica: OH, RIGHT. As big as his car then.

Patrick--wow! I had no idea!!

Suzy: Happy balentine's to you too!
And yeah...wth?

Bonnie: a girl can dream... #thingsidontcareabout

Amylou said...

Your post seriously cracked me up Paige! I didn't get a bear the size of my car. Guess I got jipped! LOL

Paige Baker said...


No. Just kidding.
Teddy bears are stupid.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather wish you a happy belated v day. Buy yourself some shitty chocolate and relish in the fact you are better than all those other saps.

gracey said...

Happy Valentines Paige! :) Have a hearty week!

Amylou said...

haha no divorce! I got something betta than a teddy bear!

a tiny stuffed puppy.

Puppies are way better!

It's true.