If You're Born With a Love for the Wrote and the Writ

My semester ends this Thursday at 9:59pm, which may result is blogs being slightly less few and far between, here. In the mean time, you can pretty much expect to not hear from me.
However, quickly, I saw Johnny Flynn this past Thursday, and the whole place reeked of hipsters. It was like AZ Blogger Meetup, part two. Which, logically, leaves me to ask how many of you were there?
And for those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure,

Also, here are two of the poems from my All The Oceans Ink, blog (which has taken a similar break, to this one) I haven't posted any poetry here in a while and I couldn't think of a more perfect time then when I'm trying to stall for another week.
#10-365                                                                  #11-365
in that moment                                                      every turn in your skull
all the trees                                                             was defined
fell to the ground                                                  as your skin fell slowly
all the oceans                                                         to the bottoms of your feet
dried                                                                          and as your bones unhinged
and the voices                                                       and your organs unraveled
in the air                                                                   you looked at me
were silenced.                                                        and said
                                                                                     with your last breath
                                                                                     I wasn't made for this
Until next time, see you on twitter.


Anonymous said...

I love you.

Paige Baker said...

I love eweeeee.
And you.

Joy said...

:) i didn't even know about it! sounds like fun though!

Paige Baker said...

Are you a JF fan? I wish you had been there!!

Andy said...

Stalling is awesome. Also awesome: Saturday concerts.


allie said...

end school, i need more paige posts okay? i have never listened to johnny flynn until now and i love it!

Paige Baker said...

ALLIE. I was just about to text you about my love and miss for you. And ask you if you ever got that letter I sent about a month ago? I don't even remember anything about it except that I sent it and I feared it didn't get to you.
AND: we should probably go to the next JF show together. Wherever he shows up first is where we meet. Deal.

kalie brynn. said...

Reasons I love this post:
1.) Johnny Flynn, duh!
3.) Your poetry. I love the way you piece words together
4.) It's written by you, and you're the best.


Paige Baker said...


Kim said...

gurrrrl I love your words. are they on your tumblr?I've missed them. I must show you what i made today- remind me.