Persona-l (a list)

It occurred to me recently (probably later than it should have) that my readers since I resumed here, are primarily different than they were a year ago. I've joked on Twitter about how disappointed my internet community would be to discover that I'm not actually as big of an idiot as my persona is, and depending on where you're filtering in from, I may be about to blow your mind.
So without further adieu, My Super Important, Crucial, Not-An-Option, list of things you should know about me :
     1. I do not hate Arizona.
After certain reactions to my most recent post, this one seemed important. Fun fact: I live in Arizona, and I love it. I in no way blame the state for gender inequality, or think it's a bad place to live (hello, Oklahoma and Utah are still states, right?) (you're right that was below the belt, you know where to send the hate mail) All this said, any particular emphasis on Arizona state bills and laws are only a reflection of the fact that this is my home, and I want to see it making strides toward progress.
     2. I write things.
Sometimes I'm completely joking, sometimes I'm not at all. Usually both. This blog exists entirely as a place for me to write whatever I'm thinking about, and while I'm lucky to have people who care what it is I have to say - I'm not changing my focus for that. I don't walk into your house and tell you how to rearrange your furniture for me (almost never) and I feel that entitlement to a say in someone's blog content is the same idea. And I won't have that shit.
     3. I think Pinterest is stupid
This one's really important, because I've been meaning to get that off my chest.
     4. I have opinions 
See: item number 2. Between blog posts about cats and pizza, may be something you disagree with. That's cool. But I do reserve the right not to approve your comment, if I feel it's just irrational hate-speak like 'cats r fuckin ugly n i h8 pizza lol F U'
     5. My birthday is in 11 days
This one's really important too, because, you know, pizza.
     6. I believe in being aware of your surroundings 
SO SUE ME. I've never had an experience where I regretted being educated on a current event (besides maybe the 72 day Kardashian marriage) In complete seriousness, humans need to be doing more to take care of each other, and the first step is knowing how and where.

And maybe the most important thing I could ever say, is that it's 2am and I got 3 hours of sleep last night and also puppies. Can't wait to get back to my usual regime of jokes about dying alone, and eating Hot Pockets in bed. (same thing?)


Paige said...

this is awesome.

Rikki Cupcake said...

I really like cats, and pizza, and everything I just read, except for the pinterest because I learned how to make a ribbon cake while looking at photos of chihuahuas and outdoor furniture all at the same time. And as sad as it may seem, to me, that is multitasking. (:

Kelly Turkevich said...

:) great post. good job being you.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Its ok to love where you live but not love everything about it. I would have a really hard time with the politics in Arizona but can imagine there are cities I would really enjoy living in.

kalie brynn. said...

well, shoot. i missed your birthday by a lot, then. but, because birthdays are important, i always extend my birthday to be the entire month of may. so. it is still april, therefore it is still your birthday. happy birthday!

and have i said already how glad i am you're back? i mean, i know you weren't gone...you were in plenty of accessible places. but i really like reading all the fantastic things you say. please talk about cats all the time.

Ioana-Carmen said...

Great blog structure.

I would love to follow your beautiful blog! <3 maybe we can follow each other?


aki! said...

Found you through that phx style collective post!

So, if I'm completely honest, I have a lot of resentment for Arizona and for a lot of reasons. But, I do think that it's more or less as bad everywhere else.