YOLO/I'm Back, OK?

It's been said that "a week to a blogger is a year to the rest of the world" so I currently accept that 9 months to a blogger is "lol, u think u still have readerz?" but I'm about to try anyway.

In my absence I've been writing on other websites and blogs, editing other people's work, playing in HTML, tweeting, crying, showing people to their seats, entering data, vacuuming the rug, and most importantly, petting cats. But I'm ready to re-obtain my own space, and have a place to call home.

The thought of opening a new blog and starting fresh crossed my mind more than once, but sadly, I've stolen my own URL, so I'm committed to this page. I expect the blog to take a new direction/literally just be me writing whatever I'm thinking about and etiquette is out the window. Politics, religion, pizza, cats, pizza - who knows what socially relevant things could be running through my brain at any given moment. You just. never. Know.

My ultimate goal at this point, is to have somewhere to write without a persona, or self-imposed obligation to say/do/not say/not do certain things. This is my notebook. These are my stories.

To the two people who got that - I respect you.

Editor's note: It turns out I really wanted the "fresh start" more than I realized I did, and have decided to export all but the most recent few blog posts to a different page - and start clean here.


Heather said...


Rachel said...

I'm excited to see that you're back and to read what you have to say! I just read your "By women, for women, for men" and I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! I think this will be such a refreshing place to visit on the web. good luck!

lydia. said...

the respect is mutual.